The camp of former Serbian captain Jelena Nikolic and Volleyball Club “Radnicki Blasters” Belgrade are a blend of tradition, knowledge, experience and love towards volleyball. Our main goal is to promote volleyball, healthy life and our club, which is one of the oldest and most professional volleyball clubs in Serbia. Our coaches and promoters are known volleyball experts in Serbia and abroad. On our camp every child will have to learn new motor skills, acquire rich and unforgettable experience and bring home some beautiful memories.The camp will be held in Vrnjacka Banja from 20-27.06.2021. Camp participants are girls and boys from Serbia and abroad from 8 to 15 years.



After arriving at the camp, participants will be classified into groups based on age and volleyball knowledge. The aim of camp program is to:

  • improve volleyball technique and tactics,
  • develop motor abilities (power, speed, coordination, flexibility, precision, etc.) and motor skills,
  • strengthen postural muscles and to prevent injuries,
  • and also to develop team spirit.

Each group will count up to 15 members and will have two coaches.

!!!NEW!!! Learn the basics of volleyball in just 7 days! After mastering the basic techniques at the camp, join our volleyball school in September.

Entertainment and cultural activities of our camp:

  • Visit to Goč mountain
  • Day for beach volleyball and relax on the swimming pool
  • Visit to the aqua par
  • A tour of the historical and cultural sights in Vrnjačka Banja, with a guide


Hotel Kralj
  • Hotel is located near the center of Vrnjacka banja
  • Luxury two bad room with terasse
  • Full accomodation: 3 meals + 1 snack
  • Doctor superevision 24h
  • Animation
  • Swimming pool and SPA
  • Check out accommodation: www.hotelkralj.rs

All sports activities will be held at primary school “Popinski Borci”. The hall is full renovated, and has:
  • Latest sports equipment
  • Air conditioned
  • Wooden floor


The price is 31 800 RSD or 270 EUROS and can be paid in five instalments.

If you do not use our accommodation the camp costs are 150 euros.

  • 7 nights with full board (3 meals + snack)
  • transport to the camp Belgrade-Vrnjacka banja-Belgrade
  • 3 t-shirts and 2 sorts
  • Trainings during the whole stay
  • Resident tax
  • Animator (fun activities)
  • Photos / videos

  • Health insurance
  • Other sport equipment from our club’s shop

Payment slip instructions

PAYER: Full name of the child, participant

Association name: Belgrade volleyball club “Radnicki Blasters” Street Vojvode Supljikca 31, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia

Purpose of payment: Summer camp

Account number: 170 – 0030032335000 – 05 Unicredit bank Belgrade


  • Every participant must have valid medical – sport examination before coming to camp.
  • Children who come to Vrnjacka Banja by other transportation, must pay the whole price for camp.
  • If you use your own accommodation, the coach is responsible for your child only during training and organized group activities. The parent / guardian is obliged to bring a child to each activity and take it after the activity.


  • 1st installment and reservation (until 30. March 2021.) – 54 EURO
  • 2nd installment (until 30. April 2021.) – 54 EURO
  • 3rd installment (until 30. May 2021.) – 54 EURO
  • 4th installment (until 30. June 2021.) – 54 EURO
  • 5th installment (until 30. July 2021) – 54 EURO


  • If participant do not come to camp, or do not pay the remaining rates, he will not participate in the camp and the club will retain the first instalment. The first instalment will be returned in case of injury or illness.
  • The full amount must be paid before camp until 30. July 2021.
  • If the camp participants are brothers or sisters, the second and third child have a discount of 30 euros.
  • Clubs that come organized with more members get a discount. Contact the camp coordinator for this matter on : +381 64 288 4279.

Instructions if paying from abroad download here.

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Duga tradicija jednog od najvećih i najtrofejnijih klubova u zemlji odbojke krunisana je pokretanjem našeg odbojkaškog kampa. Znanje, iskustvo i ljubav prema odbojci želimo da prenesemo učesnicima kampa, a sve navedeno da dopunimo boravkom u prirodi, letnjim aktivnostima i dobrom zabavom. Sigurni smo da ćete uživati.
Goran Tadić
Cilj kampa predstavlja usvajanje novih odbojkaških znanja i usavršavanje postojećih. Jednako bitan cilj na kome intezivno radimo je i učvršćivanje ljubavi deteta prema sportu, druženju i zdravim životnim navikama. U jednom od najpoznatijih turističkih destinacija u Srbiji, uz savremenu sportsku infrastrukturu, deca će odbojkaške aktivnosti dopuniti i znanjima o Srbiji, dobrom zabavom i letnjim aktivnostima u hotelskom akva parku

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